Yeah, yeah, I know Halloween has past but hey better late than pregnant! We’re going to take a sec and talk about a couple of Halloween decorations that I printed out last minute.

Spooky Halloween Candles

The first Halloween print of the season was a complete custom job. It was actually my wife’s idea. She bought a old-timey candle stick holder from a thrift shop. To complete the decoration she went online and found some knock off candles to go with it. Problem was they were just too expensive for what they were going to be used for. She then gave me the idea to just print some for her. I love it when people give me ideas to print, it’s hard to come up with your own designs and its just way easier to browse thingiverse. So, I got to work.

It was a fairly easy design. Started with a cylinder and measured out the sockets the candles go into with my caliper. I printed out a few tests to make sure I got the fit right. Took me a few tries but eventually I printed a pillar that fit. The second half of the print was designing the head of the candle. Similar to painting artists, I use other pictures for reference and try to replicate it in Blender.

In my first few attempts, I just made farm silos… not very candle like. By the time I got comfortable enough with Blender, I was able to extrude and scale things properly. Eventually I got the tip I wanted and even a little wick. After that, I just extend the length of the candle to a height she wanted and poof! 5 3D printed candles!

Creepy Hands

I figured since my wife was doing all the Halloween decorating, that I should chip in and do my part. I didn’t have to do any designing for this one, I found this print on Thingiverse. They kind of remind me of a scene in Nightmare on Elm street where Freddy tries to pop through the wall above Nancy’s bed.

To say the least, I think they turned out very well! Our hallway got pretty uncomfortable during those midnight bathroom runs. I ended up printing out two demonic hands and a creepy one. Each took roughly 5 – 8 hours to print. No supports and 10% infill. I also printed one of the demon hands in PETG instead of PLA. To my surprise, PETG came out more detailed and made the skin look more demonic.

One thing I didn’t try was mirroring the hands. That way I can get a left and right hand. You know what, maybe that is what happens when you go to hell, they give you too left hands as a welcome gift 🙂

Death Stranding Mask

This is actually a bonus print I did before Halloween. It was while I was playing a lot of Death Stranding and experimenting with TPU. I found the mask on Thingiverse, surprise surprise! It doesn’t require any supports and roughly 40% infill. The creator made small holes on the side of the mask to run a string to keep the mask on your face. I just went with the Dwight approach and kept my head up.

If you want to check out the time lapses of these prints be sure to gander around the gallery! Well thanks for swinging by! Next up will probably some automation I’ve been working on or a game review, we’ll see how productive I am 🙂 Cya!

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